Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life- Is It Predefined?

We keep finding the purpose of our lives and think that there must be a reason as to why God has sent us on this earth and almost a major part of our lives is spent thinking about that reason.

Then, we start creating false assumptions about what our life’s purpose is. Sometimes we think that the main purpose of life is “to be happy”. But,the major question is how to find that happiness? There are various ways through which we think we can be happy like:

1. Hanging out with friends.

2. Partying every weekend.

3. Buying expensive things.

4. Going on a date.

5. Going on a solo trip.

6. Etc.

But does any of this really make us happy or do they just create an illusion of happiness?

Well, it’s not necessary that God has sent everyone with a purpose.And,oh, just by the way, some people’s life purpose is to find the existence of God itself. So how can we say that we all have a predefined purpose in our lives?

So,now what to do? You might be wondering if one doesn’t have any predefined purpose, then what is even the point of our existence? Well, let me make it easier for you. We may not have any predefined purpose but we definitely can create our own purpose and that purpose can be anything. It can be as simple as helping a needy, fighting for injustice, helping someone get out of depression, giving shelter to the needy to name a few.

Often,we become so busy in finding the purpose of our life that we often forget to live. One must remember that we can’t find our purpose by brainstorming or by overthinking. One should try and be in the present and make that present situation the major purpose of our lives at that point in time.




26th January 2020 at 4:26 pm

That is quite well written. Currently, even I am feeling the same, as my life is at a critical juncture.

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