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Do we really know what happiness is?

What exactly is happiness? Happiness is the state of being happy. And when exactly are we happy? And do we really know what happiness is?

We feel happy when we are content, when we are well, when we are successful, when everything goes as we planned. Definitely, there are different reasons for different people to be happy.

But does happiness comes from inside or is it a by product of something? Hmm, that’s something that needs some thinking. Well, let’s take 5 minutes to think how many happy moments were there in our lives in the last 24 hrs. Did you counted it? No? No problem take your time. (Now, I believe some people could have counted it on their fingers and some might not be having any count). Now let us go back to the time when we were kid and now count the number of times we were happy. Again, you can take as much time as you want.

Now, I believe for most people the count would be infinite but then what went wrong after we grew up?

Today, we are the most comfortable generation. We have things that we couldn’t have imagined 40 years back. But even after all the comforts are we really happy?

Few things like buying expensive things, getting a promotion, getting a salary hike etc could give us happiness. But this happiness don’t lasts long as it was the by-product of the aforementioned things.

We can’t be truly and completely happy until and unless we learn to be happy with whatever little we have. We have to let go of what we think our lives is supposed to be and celebrate it for everything that it is.

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28th February 2020 at 2:26 am

At the end of the day, its a good book or something my family or grandchildren said that brings a true feeling of happiness to my life.

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