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This is a word that makes me very emotional. Well, what is a home? Someone said and i believe ” Home is where the heart is”.

Home is not just a place with bricks and cement and paint. It is where memories are made.

It is the place where we grow up thinking what we want to be- engineers, doctors, painter,writer etc.

It is the place where we broke that ceramic cup, from where we went to our schools, the place where the bed feels the most comfortable, where there is so much warmth, a place where we can completely be ourselflves , a place where we celebrated every festival for the first time.

It is the only place where we don’t feel judged. It is the place where we take a sigh of relief after coming from a long tour.

It is the place where every corner and every thing has a memory attached to it. It is the place which always remains familiar no matter from wherever we come. It is the place where we feel loved and cared.

And ofcourse ,who can forget those fights with our siblings, those family dinners, watching a family show together and moments where we all share laughter.

Truly, home is not a place it’s a feeling.




3rd January 2020 at 11:25 pm

Well written! Suggest to write poem on the same! 🙂

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